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Cabinet Filing Customer Order Service




Ordering Service


Shopping Cart

Finding products and adding them to your shoppping cart is a very quick and simple process. We have provided a step by step process which can aid this process:


Step 1: Searching for and locating filing products:


....using buttons in the navigation bar:

these buttons can be found at the top of every single page.  One click on these buttons will take you directly to the corresponding section of the filing cabinet range.


....to the homepage from the product filing cabinet groups:

 Click on the product group to which the product you are looking for belongs .The product groups can be found clearly laid out on the homepage. 



....using the special offers option:

We always have products at really great prices gathered together for your convenience in the "Special Offers" section, found at the top of the navigation panel.


Step 2: Select products

...using the shopping cart:

Just as you use a shopping cart in an Office furniture store, you can use your online shopping cart to gather the filing cabinet products you want to purchase while shopping online. But our filing cabinet shopping cart is smarter than the one you use at a store: it automatically keeps track of the number of filing cabinets you've selected and how much those filing cabinets cost. If you look at the filing cabinet Shopping Cart at the top right of the page you will see the number of line items currently in your shopping cart, along with your subtotal, delivery method, and delivery charge.


 ...viewing your shopping cart:

Click on the "View Cart" icon to review its contents, for a more detailed view of the filing cabinets in your cart. If you've set up an account with us, we will save the items in your cart so you can purchase them later. If you leave Cabinetfiling.co.uk, you'll find them in your cart when you return.


 ...alterations to your shopping cart:

You can change the quantities of filing cabinets in your filing cabinet Shopping Cart by changing the number in the column labeled "QTY" (Quantity).  If you change item quantities to your filing cabinet shopping cart, click the "UPDATE" button to get a new cart subtotal.If you decide you don't want to purchase a filing cabinet, you can take it out of your filing cabinet shopping cart by clicking the "Remove" link in the quantity column.


After reviewing your filing cabinet shopping cart contents and making sure you've got the items and quantities you want, you may continue to shop or begin the checkout process.


 Step 3: Checkout

  After you have selected the filing cabinets you want to buy, you may begin the checkout process. Checkout is a simple, multi-step process in which you:

·         Check and adjust filing cabinet quantities in your filing cabinet Shopping Cart

·         Determine the total cost plus taxes and delivery charges

·         Confirm the order and billing, payment, and shipping instructions


Please confirm your purchasing and delivery method and click the "Continue" button. On the next page you will confirm your billing, shipping, and payment methods.


Step 4: Final Check

 ....contents of Your Shopping Cart

Adjust the contents of your shopping cart as necessary. To change an item's quantity, highlight the number you want to change, then type in the new quantity.

If you decide you want to continue shopping and put more filing cabinets in your shopping cart, just click "Click here to continue shopping." We'll save the current contents of your filing cabinet shopping cart so you can continue the checkout process when you return. You can also find more filing cabinet products by using the search or browse functions, or by clicking on an "Item Description" in the filing cabinet shopping cart.


 ....remove link

Click the "Remove" link to take an item out of the filing cabinet shopping cart if you do not wish to purchase it at this time.



....confirm Purchasing and Payment

Please indicate whether you want to purchase the items you have placed into your shopping bag by clicking on the "Continue" button




·         You will be taken to the Secure WorldPay website to make your payment by credit or Debit card.



....the delivery and invoicing addresses:

So that you can check the details, the information on your delivery and invoicing addresses and the payment type are displayed once more before you place your final order. At this point you have the option of changing your details, e.g. giving a different delivery address. If all the details are correct, you can go ahead the place the order.



...automatic order confirmation:

Once we have received your order, you will get an order confirmation from us by email immediately